Experimental Fun

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I had been wanting to build a Tesla Coil for quite some time, and was browsing the many photos and videos available online for inspiration. Then I came across One Tesla a website which has Tesla Coils available in kit form. I was originally going to build a basic spark gap Tesla Coil, but the much more advanced solid state Tesla Coils were available for a decent price from One Tesla. I also found a video which demonstrated how their Tesla Coils could play music using the arcs of electricity alone at that moment I decided I must have one! 

When I got the coil I started assembly immediately, after fully reading the handy instruction/ assembly manual of course. It took a few days to complete all the soldering and gluing etc then it was ready for a test run. I turned up the power knob gradually, and the sparks grew in length and so did the deafening noise of the arcs! I did however find that it would arc over between the Secondary and Primary coils. Doing so would eventually cause a failure of some of the internal components on the circuit board. So I decided to varnish the Secondary coil ( varnish works as an insulator to prevent arcing over) , it already had a few layers of varnish on when I received it, but this was clearly not going to be enough to handle the extreme voltages.

I applied about 20 coats of acrylic spray on varnish, this did take some time to do, I applied it over a 3 day period, lightly sanding every 4 or so coats to get a nice smooth finish. I tested the newly varnished coil out and it made a significant improvement on the arc overs. It will still do it every now and then on certain notes and at high power. The IGBTs eventually failed after approx 4 hrs of built up run time. I ordered the same IGBTs from One Tesla as they offered replacement parts for sale, I also ordered a couple of other components for the circuit board as spares. I have since got another 4-5 hrs run time out of the Tesla Coil with no dramas.

One Tesla website: https://onetesla.com/

Do not use sensitive electronic devices near Tesla Coils as they could be affected or damaged by the high frequency electrical output.

Always use caution when working around electricity especially high voltages!