Experimental Fun

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This is my microwave gun which can illuminate lights, interfere with electronics and can cause skin burns. It is a highly dangerous device due to the combination of high voltages at lethal power levels and also as it outputs microwaves which are invisible and relatively undetectable with out the correct equipment. The device is at the moment powered by a single microwave oven transformer that uses approximately 1400 watts under full load. The microwave gun uses two microwave oven magnetrons to create the microwaves. The microwaves from these sort of magnetrons are generally on the 2.4ghz band so it could potentially interfere with Wifi signals and other devices on that use the 2.4ghz band.


The biscuit tin that is going to be repurposed into a wave guide and mount for the magnetrons.

Fans were added to the ends of the magnetrons to cool them as they produce a large amount of heat which can damage the magnets used in the magnetrons.

Adding the wiring, high voltage cables must be used to ensure safe use and no faults are caused. The fans are sensitive to the high voltages and microwaves, so they were routed away from the HV cables as much as possible and plenty of heat-shrink was used.

The final product.

Update 17/01/2017: I have used a microwave tester to test how much microwave radiation I am being exposed to while operating the gun. While the gun is being pointed towards a non metallic non solid object some areas behind the gun received 2-7mw/cm2 (20-70 w/m2). But if the gun was pointed at a solid brick wall some areas behind the gun received 8-14mw/cm2 (80-140w/m2). These readings are non hazardous for short periods of time, but I will continue to wear my eye protection which shields my eyes from most of the radio frequency radiation just as a precaution.

One of the magnetrons.

Ideally the screws used to mount the magnetrons should not be protruding as they are or they could cause internal arcs to them. Such as when something pointy and metallic is placed in a microwave. But so far the screws have not been causing any internal arcs.

This is the secondary waveguide which will direct any microwaves forward and away from the user and also help minimise losses.

The circuit diagram on how it should be correctly wired.

Update: 12/11/16 Added a box to house the high voltage capacitors and the transformer. Also added some corrugated tube to the wiring to keep the high voltage wiring contained and out of the way.

Cooking some bacon with the microwave gun haha.