Experimental Fun

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Hi my name is Brendon &  welcome to Experimental-HV,

many people wonder what I do with my spare time and what the loud and strange noises are that occasionally come from my home. Here I am going to document past and present projects.

I grew up on a small farm near a country town by the name of Moora in rural Western Australia. I had always been fond of electronics, mechanics and also anything science related. When I started home-schooling after I graduated primary school, I found many inspirations on the Internet  for projects, as i'm hoping this will be. I started off small such as creating an apparatus to generate hydrogen and oxygen and to be able to capture the gases without them being mixed together (the combination of the two creates a highly explosive mix). I went on to build a jet-powered go-kart at the age of 15, using a turbocharger off of a truck as the heart of the jet. This project amazed onlookers as the turbo spooled up with a deafening whine and generated a powerful hot thrust from the exhaust.

After a few years of being a farm-hand and carer for my grandparents I made the move to Perth to look after them full time, I was 19 at the time. When I wasn't busy I was in the garage tinkering with projects or in my office looking for more inspirational sites and projects on the internet. I made a few small projects here and there such as device which electrified my skin so I could shock people with my fingers. The prototype was made out of a modified plasma globe circuit, the first one failed which resulted in my pocket nearly catching fire, the second one worked a treat. Another project was a hydrogen production plant which will be documented on this site. I used it to generate enough hydrogen to fill 10 large balloons which made a great fireball as they were set on fire down down at the beach.

One day I was searching the net and found this site called OneTesla, they had Musical Tesla Coils available for sale as kits (see the picture on the top left of the welcome banner). I ordered one without hesitation even though they didn't come cheap, to this day I have had countless hours of entertainment from this device, it did fail once due to too many primary strikes from the secondary. Some IGBTs were ordered and soldered in... she was running again in no time. As some people have asked this, there are no speakers involved with a Musical Tesla Coil the sound is made purely by the electrical arcs alone. Another high voltage project worth mentioning is the 6KW Jacobs Ladder (which can be seen on the top right of the welcome banner), this project was designed by myself without any input from the net. It uses 3 microwave oven transformers commonly know as MOTs in series to generate 6000Volts and 3 MOTs used as ballasts.

The most recent project is a power generation plant featuring a boiler at the heart of the system (picture second from the top right of the welcome banner). This plant should be able to generate 500 watts and will have an operating pressure of 140-200psi.